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Why Choose a Magistris MD location?

The term “Magistris Aesthetica” means “Masters of Aesthetics” in Latin and that’s what you should demand when choosing a Medical Aesthetics Practice.

Magistris MD-affiliated Medical Spas use the most advanced and safest non-invasive minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure techniques, equipment, and products in order to ensure that patients achieve the most optimal outcomes while minimizing risk factors for complications.

Our commitment to excellence focuses on a "patient-centric" approach, combined with continuous medical education & expertise. A Magistris MD-affiliated Medical Aesthetics Center ensures the highest standards of excellence and above all, safety.

Practices under the Magistis MD banner are exclusively dedicated to providing Medical Aesthetics treatments however we recognize that besides the medical science aspect there is also art involved and therefore continuous education and training on the art and science of Medical Aesthetics is a hallmark of Magistris MD centers.

The anatomy of the face, the aging process, natural asymmetry, and each individual patient’s aesthetic goals all play a role in injection placement, technique, which lasers or energy system to use, best product usage, etc.

Our providers not only possess the medical aesthetics training and skills to provide excellent treatments we additionally provide our patients education in plain English terms. Then, together we will craft a realistic treatment plan based on the services best tailored to achieve your desired outcome within your budget and time frame requirements.

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